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Coach EJ Williams


Mentally through fitness we will be emotionally aware.


Mind, Body, & Soul 

This movement isn't just about coaching with innovating exercises and sports skill development. Our mission is to  do things the right way, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 3 vital principles;  working HARD, SMART, & "RIGHT. Creating healthy habits to think and feel right by taking action on becoming the best YOU mentally, physically, and emotionally! Conditioning your mind, body, and soul the right way! 

A safe atmosphere of positive urgency to endure the Mind, Body, & Soul the righteous way. Creating new habits relating to the mental and emotional responses of each individual external reality through fitness and skill development.

Righteous Personal Training allows all walks of life to unify reaching one goal doing everything the 'Righteous Way". Giving power, energy, and love to the righteous and healthy way of training.

Developing skills in various areas of fitness and wellness such as lifestyle coaching & scripture guidance, strength and conditioning, water aerobics, cycling.  Specializing in Behavior change, & basketball player development for all levels. Most importantly injury prevention for adults and kids.

Training the mind RIGHT & the body will follow! Through fitness: Conditioning the mind to relieve emotional stress which enables self love. Love yourself so you can love your neighbor and pass that same love throughout generations. 

Programs are to develop the mentality to work hard, smart, and Right! Righteous Personal Training emphasizes emotional awareness to help each person improve their ability to respond to habits. Making the world a better place one person at time moving forward to complete wholeness!


Building relationships that last forever to help each other accomplish goals by working together from kids to adults. Reconditioning the Mind, Body, & Soul the righteous way. Love righteous training!


7 Steps 2 develop righteous habits

  1. visual healthy habits

  2. plan

  3. prepare

  4. plant

  5. progression,not perfection

  6. be resilient

  7. move forward