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Terms & Conditions

Righteous Personal Training, LLC ©️is in commitment and agreement with these terms and conditions that applies to any customer, consumer, for any program, workout, assistance, and services rendered on behalf of Righteous Personal Training, LLC as of 2017©️. If any contract verbal or nonverbal in exchange for payment for rendered services for any individual program, workout, or any help assistance provided by Righteous Personal Training, LLC©️. If a payment is received in full for any program, workout or rendered services, this is a closed agreement for accountability, rendered services, or any help assistance of a nonverbal contract. Nonverbal contracts are for partial payment agreement that services will be rendered until the date initiated and signed by both parties. Any disruption or breach based on feeling or your ability to not respond will not be discounted for a program, workout, or rendered services. Account will be charged in payment of full amount for a single workout for rendered services, program and any individual workout or program that is disrupted on behalf of customer, client, consumer or party. By registering online or cash payments  for a program or rendered services, this is consent that I (customer, client of consumer) am personally responsible for my actions for any payment verbal or nonverbal during my tenure at Righteous Personal Training, LLC ©️ and that I waive the responsibility for Righteous Personal Training, LLC ©️ as a result of negligence. Righteous Personal Training, LLC©️ binds you liable to our terms and conditions. This agreement can be verbal or nonverbal.

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