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"Training the Mind "Right" & the Body Will Follow"

The Righteous Personal Training Movement isn't just about coaching with innovation of physical fitness or youth basketball player development; it's about striving to do things the "right" way through emotional intelligence ! 


Love & Learn

Basketball & Stem Clinic

Strengthen and stabilize your mentality to build the RIGHT YOU! 

Create the energy needed for explosive movements & mobility!

Build the mental, physical, & emotional stamina to perform at your best 


Righteous Personal Training, L.L.C., (RPT) was founded during the summer of 2017 by owner & head trainer EJ Williams.  Our goal is to help others by developing awareness to help make a lifestyle change from within through fitness; such asmobility, physique toning and lifting, strength & conditioning, hypertension navigation, nutrition & basketball player development.


"RPT" helps the general population such as local practitioners, physicians, army veterans, and other local professionals. From grade school to the top collegiate & professional athletes.


Team Righteous core competency is within the community, in direct partnership with the City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation - (Biltmore Hills ) and other inspirational entities,  Righteous Personal Training and to influence behavior change while also helping others discover the power of God from within!


Our mission is Training the Mind Right and the Body Will Follow; putting righteous principles into various programs which increases wellness and reduces recidivism for all!  A healthier lifestyle enhances character; confidence and emotional intellect; which leads to positive change. This creates resiliency, happiness and habitual betterment within our community.

"Training the mind right and the body will Follow"

Righteous Personal Training